Providing Captivating Assembly Shows

We provide an unforgettable experience for young audiences. With a strong focus on fun and engaging magic shows, Daycare Shows stands out by employing the best children’s magicians in DFW & North Texas. Our talented performers are adept at creating an atmosphere of wonder and excitement, making each event a magical experience that sparks children’s imagination and leaves lasting memories. Whether through dazzling magic tricks, interactive performances, or educational entertainment, Daycare Shows is dedicated to bringing joy and laughter to North Texas daycare schools & libraries, making every assembly an event to look forward to. Kids will be talking to their parents for weeks about our shows!

We provide the kind of shows that make kids want to go to school for $325!

We offer two options.

 A 45-minute magic show for the entire group or a 30-minute magic show, followed by a 15-minute magic/puppet show for the younger kids

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